Honey and Chocolate Oats Yogurt

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Honey and Chocolate Oats Yogurt
Honey and Chocolate Oats Yogurt


Serves 4

I came up with this recipe a few days ago. It is a mixture between two recipes I had been having in mind for a while and decided would fit perfectly together with a touch of honey. On one hand I had this super simple yoghurt recipe from the Green Kitchen Stories Cookbook, which I actually didn't use but would recommend to do it, and on the other hand I had another super simple recipe of how to make chocolate "krispies" at home, that I versioned a bit. 

I like the way this combination flows, as the sweetness of the honey gently amalgamates with the dark chocolate's acid essence, creating a perfect balanced contrast that finds its way through a yoghurt scene. However, this delectable poetry is left to a mess with my words. It is, then, with the sight and the experience of preparing the recipe when one can really appreciate the beauty of the composition. 

Chocolate oats

Half of a biologic dark chocolate bar (you can either use milk chocolate or white one, or any chocolate of your taste)
Rolled oats (there's no specific measure, it's all a balance between the amount of chocolate and oats you combine)

Homemade yoghurt (from Green Kitchen Stories)

(I said I didn't actually use this recipe; I had no thermometer on hand so I couldn't prepare the yoghurt by myself. Instead, I bought some fresh farmer's yoghurt, which is a great option too if you want to safe time)

120 ml plain yoghurt (or from a previous batch of homemade yoghurt)
1 litre whole milk

You will also need

1 thermometer for liquids
Runny honey

·Melt the chocolate (use a bain-marie technique or pour a little bit of water to the chocolate and then melt it in the microwave. Do not use milk, otherwise, chocolate's essence will be lost).
·In a bowl, combine both the melted chocolate and the rolled oats. Blend together and add more chocolate or oats according to the amount of each component you have. You'll know you've finished once the oats are fully coated with all the chocolate.
·Cover a tray with baking paper and place the oats on it. Put the tray in the fridge and let freeze (for an hour minimum).
·As for the yoghurt, gently heat the milk to 82ºC and then allow it to cool to 43ºC. Stir in the yoghurt and transfer the mixture into a large glass container.
·Cover the container with a kitchen towel or a plate and put it in a warm place, at about 65ºC - such as a heated  (but turned off) oven or the airing cupboard - overnight.
·In the morning, the yoghurt will have grown and thickened. Transfer to glass jars and refrigerate.
·When the yoghurt is cold, fill the bottoms of other glass jars with honey (the quantity is up to you). Then place the yoghurt and finally, sprinkle the chocolate oats over it.
·Serve imediatelly or keep in the fridge for less than 2 hours.

Honey and Chocolate Oats Yogurt

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